Our Mission:

Change Lives.

Dedicated to promoting mindful and conscious living and helping to improve the lives of others around the world.


Our Mission

Vibrate Higher Foundation is a U.S.-based 501c3 non-profit dedicated to elevating the lives of others and changing the world with massive change at a grassroots level. From yoga and mindfulness, to women's health and spreading the benefits of education and technology - we're passionate about LOTS of things. Help us do good by raising the vibrations and improving the lives of others.

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Our Impact

The Vibrate Higher Foundation does much more than invoke change on a surface level - we dig deep to help people cultivate a positive mindset, healthy life and overall well being.




To date, 1700 families and school children from different backgrounds, all over different parts of the country - including Cap Haitian, Grand Goave, Jacmel and Ilet Sab have been impacted through our light donations.



electronics donated

50+ electronics were donated create a tech lab at ISCCH School. This tech lab contained everything from ipads, to computers and more. Through the success of this campaign, these students have been given not only technology - but OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity to learn more, do more and become more.



children sent to school

It is quite impossible to put a value on education, but if you could - it would certainly be high. Through the success of the Vibrate Higher Foundation’s Tuition Campaign - we were able to raise enough money to sponsor 15 children on scholarship to ISCCH School in Cap Haitian, Haiti.


Our Programs

We believe that we can make the world a better place by invoking massive change at the grassroots level. Through our campaigns we aim to raise vibrations all over the world.


technology drive

Technology helps us to connect with others, learn and grow. We're collecting new or gently used laptops, tablets, headsets and hard drives to build a computer lab at ISCCH School in Cap Haitian.


We are fundraising for Tuition to send 10 children to ISCCH School in Cap Haitian. ISCCH is an academic school where students can attend school from 1st grade to 13th grade and even go to professional/technical school.


The Vibrate Higher Foundation is raising money to set up community yoga centers in Haiti and empower and educate local individuals who will receive their Yoga Teacher Training. Through partnerships with local organizations we will train and mentor local individuals who may be interested in wellness, meditation and yoga - to help serve their communities. 

clean water, clear future

Clean water and plastic consumption is a huge issue and growing crisis throughout the nation of Haiti. Most of the country's water is not potable- so to combat this water crisis - we are working to build a water filtration system at ISCCH School in Cap Haitian. 

Women’s health days

The majority of people in under-privledged areas like Haiti have no access to medical care. The Vibrate Higher Foundation wants to host two women’s health day’s at The ISCCH School in Cap Haitian for their high school students and members of the community to receive OBGYN consultations as well as feminine hygiene products.


Sadly 63% of Haitians are without access to electricity still TODAY. Through the “Be The Light’ Campaign we donate solar powered lights to these families in need .



A few people and a lot integrity can go a LONG way.




Get Involved

Help us to change peoples lives - from fresh water, to yoga and mindfulness to helping provide lights for children’s homework - the possibilities are endless when we work together.



Every little bit counts. Donate to any of our campaigns to help us raise vibrations of others in need all over the world.


We’re always looking for new team members, contributors and advisors to join in on our mission!


We’d love to work with you on donation based classes, events and workshops that benefit Vibrate Higher Foundation.