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Something that is so easy to take for granted is turning on the faucet in any room in our home - and not only being able to have clean water come out of it, but to be able to have drinking quality water come out of it.

Like many countries and areas - Haiti is not nearly as fortunate. Clean water and plastic consumption is a huge issue and growing crisis throughout the nation. Most of the country's water is not potable so families rely on either making a trek to get clean moutain water or if they can afford it - purchasing bottled water which in turn  increases their plastic consumption.

To combat this water crisis - in Spring 2019 we will be working to build a water filtration system at ISCCH School in Cap Haitian. 

The water will be able to serve over 3,000 Kids + 10,000 more people inclusive of their extended families in the local community.

We would like to install the water filtration system for 2 reasons. First, to provide clean water that the kids can drink with a reusable water bottle, and second, to teach the kids, future generation and current generations about ways to reduce and eliminate plastic consumption.


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