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We can make the world a better place by invoking massive change at the grassroots level.



Technology Drive

Technology helps us to connect with others, learn and grow. To help foster this connection for others - we're collecting new or gently used laptops, tablets, headsets and hard drives to build a computer lab at ISCCH School. 

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Education For All   

Help us to bring one of the most important and powerful tools of all to the underprivileged - EDUCATION. We're fundraising for Tuition to send 10 highly deserving children to  ISCCH School in Cap Haitian.

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Clean Water, Clear Future

Clean water and plastic consumption is a huge issue and growing crisis throughout Haiti. In Spring 2019 we will begin raising funds and supplies to build a water filtration system at ISCCH School in Cap Haitian that will be able to serve over 3,000 Kids + 10,000 more people inclusive of their extended families in the local community.

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Women's Health Days

The majority of women in under-privledged areas like Haiti have no access to medical care. This means that women are also unable to receive access and education surrounding feminine hygiene and products. VHF wants to host two women’s health day’s at The ISCCH School - one bringing U.S. OBGYN care to these women, and the other bringing education, hygiene products and contraception. 

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s teachers.

We take mindfulness, yoga and wellness seriously. We're bringing U.S. certified yoga and mindfulness instructors to Haiti to help train the next generation of yoga instructors. These people will be able to help spread these valuable wellness techniques across the nation. 

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massive change begins at the grassroots level